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The Most Amazing Near Death Experience

November 14, 2012

I have recently come to know of John Pontius and his blog, UnBlogMySoul.  John has written several books for the LDS market including Following The Light Of Christ and Triumph of Zion.

Last year, John was introduced to a man who goes by the pseudonym of Spencer.  “Spencer” doesn’t want his real name revealed because he doesn’t wish to draw attention to himself as anybody special.  Spencer has had several near-death experiences in his life, and during those NDEs he was shown some of the most amazing things.  Many people have written of their own NDEs, so they are fairly commonplace now but Spencer’s stands out as being particularly noteworthy.  Basically, he was shown past, present and future during these experiences.  He witnessed a massive earthquake in Utah and all along the west coast of North and South America.  He witnessed three waves of biological weapons released across the nation, destroying nearly half the population.  He saw the Savior come to the Conference Center in Salt Lake City and speak to a select group of individuals who received various assignments.  He got to “live” through though all of this as his spirit was out of his body.

John ghost-wrote Spencer’s book, entitled “Visions of Glory: One Man’s Astonishing Account of the Last Days”.  I have just finished reading it and I have to say it is one of the most profoundly moving books I have ever read.  I’m not hyping this in the least.  We get to witness firsthand the playing out of scriptural prophecy as the promised tribulations happen, the righteous are gathered to cities of Zion all over America, people are translated and begin to gather in the righteous from all over the world through heavenly “portals”.  We learn of Spencer’s part in traveling to the north countries and helping one of the lost ten tribes return to Zion in Missouri.  We learn of the return of Enoch’s city of Zion to the Gulf of Mexico and the cataclysms that result.

I know this sounds like a work of fiction and you could be excused for scoffing in disbelief at it, so I would challenge you to do a couple of things:

1) Listen to an hour long interview John did with Spencer at  Pay attention to the Spirit as you listen.

2) Buy the book from Amazon at and read it.  I predict you will no longer be skeptical, and indeed you will be a changed person.  There is so much light and truth in here that it can overwhelm you if your “veil of unbelief” is firmly ensconced.

As The Faith Of A Child

November 14, 2012

I was snuggling up to my little four year old daughter tonight, trying to get her to go to sleep.  Normally she will lay her head on my bicep, wrap her hands around my forearm and drift off quickly.  Tonight she was bothered by some dry, itchy, scaly skin on the back of both her hands, caused by the cold, dry air here.  She was whimpering and begged me to do something, so I put some of my wife’s hand lotion on her hands, hoping that would soothe her enough to go to sleep.  No such luck.

After a few minutes of trying to persuade her to go to sleep, she turned to me and asked me if she should say a prayer to help her hands stop hurting.  My heart melted and I quickly assured her that saying a prayer was exactly what she should do.  With some help from me, she said a sweet, simple prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help  her hands feel better.  Immediately after her prayer, she excitedly said, “He’s making it feel better”.

She wandered off with one of the other kids, so I went downstairs to the computer and started my nightly routine of checking emails, reading articles, etc.  About ten minutes later she triumphantly came up to me and held up both her hands to show me that Heavenly Father had made the nasty rash go away.  I examined her hands and saw that where there had been a nasty red rash a half hour before, there was now only normal, healthy pink skin.

I confess I was only mildly surprised.  The fact that she had suggested that she pray clued me in that she was being prompted from the other side of the veil since that is not something she has ever mentioned before.  I was very pleased and told her she should go thank Heavenly Father in another prayer which she promptly did.

I love to see Father answer the pure, innocent prayers of a child.  There is nothing quite like it to demonstrate just how much He is in the details of our lives, how interested he is in blessing our lives if we but ask.

Let’s get started

November 5, 2012

I’m a faithful Latter Day Saint (LDS or Mormon) on a personal quest to come to know Christ more fully and to learn the greater mysteries available to all who truly desire them.  Over the past five years, I have had an amazing journey and have gained profound insights into things of the Spirit and, though often times painful, those experiences have helped me to learn and to grow spiritually.  I will document some of those experiences if I feel they are appropriate for a public forum.  This blog will also serve as a journal for my children and future posterity as a testimony to them of God’s goodness and greatness.